Monday, July 8, 2013


Not only will this be a blog to catalog the progress of Dollar Store Jesus Candle, but also a place for the skateboarding culture in general. For those that care, I will post random things to do with skateboarding. For example, today I am posting a few things that have inspired me throughout the years of skateboarding. These inspirations are my small visions of what I hope DSJC to look like, but this is a cooperative video project. This video will be a  melting pot of everyone involved. Those involved will cast in their own inspirations and visions. DSJC is skateboarding, and skateboarding is one giant melting pot of ideas, attitudes and styles.

This little montage was one of my first exposures to skateboarding culture. I have always wanted to make a video and be apart of a crew like Tiltmode Army. The nonsensical and offbeat name has a unique ring to it. The type of name that can only be produced by a group of friends who love skateboarding and have allowed it to define them over the years. Dollar Store Jesus Candle is exactly that. However, we are not trying to be another Tiltmode. We are simply carrying the torch of pure recreational skateboarding in an era dominated by big contests and energy drink sponsorship.


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